Center Introduction

The City University of Macau has a long tradition of supporting professional development and lifelong learning through the Open Institute (OI) and the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) since 1998. 

In response to the challenges shaping higher education in Macau and beyond in the 21st century, there is growing demand in society, industry and government for continuing education that is relevant, modular, flexible, and high quality.  The University's newly established International Training and Testing Center (ITTC) will work with our strategic partners nationally and internally to continue OI and SCS'seffort in expanding the scope of our University's professional training,testing and certification programs.

As part of the University’s core mission as an institution for higher education serving a broad spectrum of learners, to enhance accessibility and to foster professional advancement, ITTC will be a significant contributor to these commitments in both Macau and the Greater Bay Area.  Below are some of our current programs and services. 

Executive and career advancement courses and programs

Professional certification courses and programs

In-service CPD courses and programs for school-teachers

Non-credit life-long learning courses and programs 

Pre-University courses and programs 

National/international testing and examination programs 

Preparatory courses and programs for college-entrance tests and examinations