Release date:2021/10/16
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Background of BETT:

With the deepening of China's reform and opening-up, international exchanges, foreign-related trade and foreign-related tourism more and more frequent, especially the success of the Olympic bid and China's formal accession to the WTO two major events more proof that China's international exchanges and cooperation is increasing significantly, enterprises need a large number of international exchange capabilities of business English personnel. However, at present in China can be skilled in the use of foreign language terminology and understand the international business rules of the talent is particularly scarce, while the domestic English certification examination although a lot of variety, but most of them only focus on language proficiency itself testing. The National Business Foreign Language Examination Office and the National Business Foreign Language Professional Committee organized the National Business English Translation Examination (BETT), which is designed to test candidates' ability to apply English in a business work environment and provide a steady stream of business English translation talents to society and businesses.

Introduction of BETT

In accordance with the Decision of the State Council on The Vigorous Development of Vocational Education (Guofa No. 35), in line with the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to further strengthen the work of talents, the National Business Foreign Language Translation Examination is conducted for business personnel who need or are about to need a foreign language in their work, while adapting to the students and aspiring young people who are about to enter industry and commerce, joint ventures, foreign-funded enterprises and those engaged in foreign business. As long as the strength is equal, regardless of academic qualifications, can participate.

In order to carry out this project, we have hired a number of experts and scholars in foreign languages of the national business to form a committee of experts to serve as part of the training and teaching work, and carefully organized the preparation of a series of training materials. TheBETT exam provides different levels of training according to different levels, typically 40 to 60 hours. The training highlights professionalism and practicality to help students in translation practice, theoretical contact with reality, improve the ability to read and translate business articles and the use of foreign languages to deal with international business integrated ability.

The BETTexam consists of translation and interpretation, which are passed and certificates are issued independently. The exam is divided into five levels, namely, beginner, intermediate, senior, translator and senior translator.

The corresponding registration conditions are as follows:

Beginners: For foreign language-related major graduates and non-foreign language major undergraduate graduates;

Intermediate: Suitable for undergraduates in foreign language-related majors;

Advanced: Graduates of foreign language-related majors, undergraduates with two years or more of relevant professional experience, 1 year of relevant work experience after obtaining theBETT Exam Intermediate Certificate, and 5 years of relevant work experience Graduates of specialty years and above.

Translator: suitable for foreign languages related to graduate students, at the same time to have a certain degree of translation work experience;

Senior Translator: You can't apply until you've qualified as a translator.

Professional standards

TheBETT Exam is designed to develop applied professionals based on the practicality of a business foreign language, and candidates who pass the appropriate level exam can have the following competencies:

Junior: Able to conduct general business foreign language conversations in business dealings. Be competent for ordinary foreign-related business office reading, writing, communication and translation;

Intermediate: Be able to interpret and translate in general business meetings and business activities. Be competent for foreign-related enterprises professional business correspondence and telethon reading, writing, communication and business escort, tour guide and other work.

Advanced: Skilled in the use of foreign languages for interpretation and translation in more complex social environments and business activities. Competent in professional business negotiation, material translation, professional business writing, speech and debate.

Translator: Able to perform complex interpretation and translation in large business meetings, and able to work full-time in foreign language translation.

Senior Translator: Able to interpret and translate at various international conferences. Alternate interpretation and simultaneous interpretation are available in interpretation, and documents and professional information on various foreign business meetings can be translated. Be able to work in various complicated translation, interpretation and so on in international business meetings, and solve many difficult problems in business English translation.

Content of the exam

The BETT Exam highlights professionalism and practicality, and tests candidates' practical application capabilities, including business advertising, business letters, letters of credit, product descriptions, business reports, business introductions, business contracts/agreements, articles of association, tourism, cross-cultural communication, macroeconomics, finance, e-commerce, marketing, insurance, and many other content. Candidates can read a wide range of business foreign language books, with different forms of practice business scenarios foreign languages, improve proficiency.

Examination organization

1 Registration procedures

Candidates need to bring a copy of my ID card, the recent one inch blue background color crown-free photo two (provided with the same bottom electronic version, specifications:295 pixels× 413 pixels, resolution 300dpi, using JPG format to save, stored under the name: serial number and name), to the designated registration agencies around the registration procedures (serial number by the local authorized examination points to write);

2 Test time

The National Business Foreign Language Translation Examination (BETT)is held twice ayear, in the first half of May and the second half in November, with additional notice of the specific examination time, which can be queried

3 Examination Method: translation for closed-volume written test, the test questions are completed directly on the surface;

Issuance and use of certificates

Passers will be issued by the China Federation of Business Professional Skills Guidance Center certificate and registered online, long-term valid, query website: /

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