Release date:2021/11/02
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“The SAT Reasoning Test is the most widely used and most rigorously researched college admissions test in history. Virtually every college in the United States accepts the SAT as a measure of the critical thinking skills students need for academic success in college. The SAT assesses how well students analyze and solve problems—skills learned in school that are needed in college. The test also provides an independent measure of a student’s college readiness that is standardized across all students, schools, and communities, providing a common and objective scale for comparison.

The SAT Subject Tests are designed to measure students’ knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as their ability to apply that knowledge. The tests are independent of any particular textbook or method of instruction, and many colleges use them for admissions, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection.”(節錄自SAT Program Fact Sheet)


According to the current arrangement, the SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Tests are offered six times a year in October, November, December, January, May and June internationally except for the US. In the US, the SAT Reasoning Test is also offered in March besides the above schedule. Registration for taking these tests in School of Continuing Studies of City University of Macao must be done online via the Web site of the College Board at

Must Bring:

Your Admission Ticket

You must have your Admission Ticket on test day. Sign in to My SAT and click "Print Admission Ticket".

Two No. 2 pencils and a soft eraser

Photo identification

You must present acceptable photo identification (ID) for admission to the test center. You are responsible for understanding and following the SAT Test-Taker Identification Requirements and Policies.

You may be denied entrance to the test center or your scores may be withheld or canceled if you can't present acceptable ID, if the validity of the ID is in question, or if you fail to follow the Identification Requirements and Policies.

An Acceptable Calculator

Calculators permitted while testing are:

Graphing calculators

Scientific calculators

Four-function calculators (not recommended)

Not permitted as a calculator:

A laptop or a portable/handheld computer

Electronic writing pad or pen-input/stylus-driven device (e.g., Palm, PDAs, Casio ClassPad 300) Note: The Sharp EL-9600 may be used without the stylus.

Pocket organizer

Cell phone calculator

Calculator that has QWERTY (keyboard-like) keypad (e.g., TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200)

Calculator that uses an electrical outlet, makes noise or has a paper tape

Read the Calculator Policy

Note: SAT Subject Tests with Listening require a CD player.